Premium Reseller Hosting

4.00 /mo
7.00 /mo
5G+ Pro
10 /mo

Info & Overselling:
By purchase of any of these Add-ons do we NOT offer a 14 days money back. So do not purchase if you do not sure.

Differences between Overselling enabled* or Overselling allowed*.
Overselling enabled/allowed: Means that you can sell up to the limit on your current reseller plan. So you may not override your current reseller disk space limit.

Are you looking for a custom plan that suits you?

Contact us via Email, ticket or pre-sales page to ask your custom plan that you like.

Why Choose


Fully Customizeble

With us can you modifide your hosting completely at your own for free.

Use your own domain

Do you already a have domain name? You can use it for free.

Non-Stop Updates

Updated & Easy to use Technology (cPanel/CloudLinux/WHMAMP)

Softaculous Premium

Do you have no idea how to install a script? Do not be hesitate to use our Softaculous Premium for free!

Free Emails

With each plan that we have do we offer a full free mail system that always work without any blocks!

Latest cPanel

Our cPanel is always up-to-date so you never need nothing to do. We do all the work for you here.